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01. Sign up for one of our E-learning courses.
02. Follow the course at a leisurely and relaxed pace.
03. Take advantage of the opportunity to study on the go.
04. Subsequently sign up for certificate test.
05. Take out liability insurance for your flight.

So do I need an online course to pass the certificate test?

To answer this question, we must first look at the importance of a few points:

  • A UAS (drone) is an aircraft which must coexist with other aircraft (manned or not) in the airspace, and therefore we must be extremely aware of what we are doing.
  • The majority of UAS have cameras with built-in potent cameras and are capable of taking high quality images from a great distance, which requires special care not to violate personal intimacy and honor rights under the Data Protection Act.
  • So in addition to passing the certificate test at the Danish Transport Authority, it is also important that you understand and also want to fly your drone safe and comply with applicable regulations..
  • For the above reasons, if you ask, whether a drone course is necessary, the answer is clear YES!

HOWEVER – vi anerkender og accepterer – at et kursus ikke er obligatorisk for tilmelding til certifikatprøven i de to certifikat kategorier OPEN A1 / A3 & A2. Du kan faktisk erhverve et A1/A3 certifikat for et prøvegebyr til Trafikstyrelsen på 65,-* kr. Ønsker du efterfølgende at tage en A2 certifikat – vil prøve gebyr til Trafikstyrelsen igen udgøre 65,-* kr. hertil kommer så 500,-* kr. til en anerkendt prøveafholder for afholdelse af prøve med fysisk tilstedeværelse.

Det eneste, der kræves – er et selvstudie af det omfattende materiale, herunder den nye EASA-regulering vedrørende ubemandede fly systemer (UAS) og derudover den nationale danske regulering. For et A2 certifikat kræves endvidere dokumentation for praktisk flyvetræning.

The choice is total Yours. 


We offer you the opportunity to study the theoretical part of the Drone Certificate online. You only need an internet connection to a computer (can be done on a mobile phone - but the screen is a bit small) to be able to view illustrations and video clips.

Moreover, language is not a problem. All our online teaching material is in Danish, But as the new EASA regulation is the same in all member states, we also decided to make the website available in English and subsequently also provide teaching material in English. (in preparation). 

However, there will be some video clips where there are direct links to the EASA website - and therefore these are in the original language (English). 

As a supplement - during our extended course we will take a deeper look at METAR and NOTAM and how to read them - including the phraseology used, which is generally in the aviation industry in English.

Get certified and fly confidently - safely & legally.

Med vores teori kurser vil du opnå indgående kendskab til det pensum, som er en forudsætning for gennemførelse af certifikat prøve hos Trafik og Byggestyrelsen. Certifikatet OPEN A1/A3 vil kunne dække de fleste operationer, men ønsker du udvidede muligheder skal du erhverve OPEN A2 certifikat også. Vi tilbyder kursus til OPEN A1/A3 certifikat både som et Turbokursus og almindeligt kursus. Turbokurset guider dig fra A - Z uden for meget teori. Vores normale kursus giver dig en dybere teoretisk indsigt fra A - Z og derigennem sætter dig i stand til at forstå hvorfor !

Turbo Basic package

Dkr. 395

  • OPEN A1/A3 Certifikat
  • Fly in the City with CE marked Drones up to 900 g
  • Fly in the City with non-CE marked Drones up to 500 g
  • Fly in the country with CE marked Drones up to 25 Kg
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Basic package

Dkr. 795

  • OPEN A1/A3 Certifikat
  • Fly in the City with CE marked Drones up to 900 g
  • Fly in the City with non-CE marked Drones up to 500 g
  • Fly in the country with CE marked Drones up to 25 Kg
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